Our Research

Discovering Pathways Forward

Disrupting the course of a disease requires scientific persistence. That’s why Tolero is so committed to pioneering drug discovery. The company’s early-stage work has led to the identification of novel targets and compounds that hold the potential to change the way specific cancers are treated. The goal of our research isn’t incremental improvement, but instead laying the groundwork for innovative therapeutics. To accomplish this, Tolero relies on scientific discipline, unique insights into disease processes, and a willingness to challenge convention.

Tolero’s approach to drug discovery has resulted in a pathway-centric pipeline of new candidates targeting abnormalities in cell function in the context of pathway inhibition. The company’s most advanced research initiative is focused on an investigational agent that inhibits CDK9, which in turn downregulates the transcription of target genes, including MCL-1.

About Tolero's Innovative Pipeline